TERN serviced apartment, 2010


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The project is a feasibility study of converting the current office tower owned by Tern Properties in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, into a serviced apartment while maintaining the existing structure, service lifts and staircases.

Sheung Wan always has a charisma of east and western cultures, modern and vintage. The city fabrics of high rise buildings plus pre-war shop houses, and the stepping contours have formed a spatial matrix of open and closed character. Strolling in Sheung Wan can always give people new discoveries.
We continue the mood of this place into the design of Serviced Apartment. We adopt an open and close plan for more interesting visual perspectives. We use material and colour palate that gives textures, layers, modern yet vintage feeling.

PODIUM GARDEN – The existing podium roof terrace is occupied by chiller plants and mechanical pipes, which is certainly not a good view to the tenants at 3/F and 4/F, and the potential of outdoor space is not yet fully explored. We suggest relocating the chiller plants to the topmost roof level to make way for a podium garden, or a mini urban farm, for tenants to enjoy and relax amidst the dense urban fabrics.

SERVICE LIFT to reach Jervois Street – the extension of the service lift to a lower level could help avoiding the circulation cross between apartment tenants and the collection of refuse as what is now happening.

FAÇADE – the edges of the shop fronts are realigned to emphasize the curve of the building along Queen’s Road Central. Clear glass panels and natural stone are proposed to bring out the cleanliness in form and grandeur in appearance.

SUITE INTERIOR – To echo the design concept, folding partitions, swivel door and the planning of pantry, bathroom, bed, work and rest places are carefully planned to achieve an open and close plan. Materials like natural timber, white linen, mulberry clay tiles, stainless steel and bronze panels, and the use of natural and artificial lightings are sensitively selected to define the spaces.





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